About Stefan's Engagement Rings

Our Promise

Exceptional. Stunning. Dashing. For over 90 years, Stefan Diamonds determination on the highest possible standards has resulted in diamonds of spectacular beauty.

Legendary Diamonds

Stefan Diamonds is known for diamonds of exceptional quality and brilliance, each meticulously selected to be the center piece of extraordinary rings in a wide array of styles.

Our Network

Buying with the world’s leading diamond cutters and traders in Tel Aviv, New York, Antwerp, Hong Kong and Johannesburg, Stefan Diamonds is guaranteeing only the finest quality and most competitive prices.

We Cut For Brilliance

Stefan Diamonds cuts to maximise brilliance. Others are cut to maximise carat weight. The difference is breathtaking and results in a more striking ring.

Stefan Diamond Certificate & Lifetime Service

Unlike the documentation that may accompany diamonds purchased elsewhere, the Stefan Diamonds Certificate is backed by a Full Lifetime Service. Your ring will be cared forever.

We understand that tastes and fashion change over time, and we are committed to you and your style throughout your life. As your unique personality and character grows over the years, Stefan jewellery can evolve alongside with our in-house remodelling service.