Product Care


We understand that tastes and fashion change over time, and we are committed to you and your style throughout your life. As your unique personality and character grows over the years, Stefan Diamonds can evolve alongside with our in-house remodelling service.

Our Guarantee Agreement

Here at Stefan Diamonds, we create unique pieces that not only look exquisite but are designed to be passed down through family generations. In order for us to make sure your piece is timeless and in excellent condition for years to come, we have a guarantee agreement – and as part of our agreement, the only requirement we ask of you is to come in for 6 monthly visits for a complimentary clean and check (and one visit in the first 3 months). All jewellery requires maintenance, and depending on your level of wear, it is a good idea to come in store with your piece and speak to our friendly staff who will advise you on any maintenance that may required.

Jewellery Care

Jewellery maintenance is very simple and highly recommended. Here are a few suggestions on how to ensure your jewels sparkle like new.

We recommend that diamonds be regularly polished with a soft cloth to preserve its luster. For a more thorough cleaning, you may wash your jewels in warm soapy water while gently scrubbing with a soft bristle brush at least once a month. After cleaning, the jewels should be immediately dried using a hair dryer. Yearly professional cleanings are also advised.

Diamonds may be the hardest substance known to man, but diamonds can chip or even crack if they are knocked against a hard surface, especially another diamond. Please handle all jewellery with care. Even settings which are made from platinum or gold are relatively fragile as prongs can become loose, putting gemstones at risk. Most commonly, prongs tend to loosen in the process of wearing or removing a ring. It is important not to touch the centre stone, so as to avoid putting pressure on the prongs, which in effect loosens them. Only touch the shank of the ring,

The key to protecting your jewellery is not only in how you wear it, but also in how it is stored. Please keep all your jewellery in a pouch or box to prevent against any unforeseen circumstances.

Simple daily activities can also damage your jewellery. For example, always remove your jewellery before any household chores or sports. Also, remove all jewellery before applying hand lotions, hairsprays, and other cosmetics as their ingredients may tarnish the precious metals and affect the luster of the diamonds.

With proper care, your jewellery will give you a lifetime of wearing pleasure.

View our interactive Stefan Care Guide Brochure here


Life is an adventure, and often on the way, accidents happen despite our best intentions. There is no need to worry if you have dropped or accidently knocked your Stefan Diamonds jewellery– bring it in to our store as soon as you notice any damage. We recommend that in the meantime, you cease wearing the damaged piece and keep any diamonds or gemstones safe until a Stefan Diamonds has given it a thorough examination. Our highly experienced team will assess the piece for any signs of damage and carry out repair work if required to ensure your Stefan piece is looking like new once more.

Our Stefan Diamonds Care Plan is available to purchase in-store or over the phone. Click here to view the pricing guide based on RRP.