The Stefan Story

Stefan Diamonds owners and creative directors, Fiona Hoang and Joshua Reed, are passionate about gemstones and jewellery and have an instinctive and astute eye for detail and quality.

With four generations of Hoang family jewellers and the Reed’s experience in jewellery design behind them, Fiona and Josh provide unparalleled knowledge of both Australian and international jewellery markets. This includes a trusted network and the experience to source diamonds directly from the diamond houses of Antwerp, New York and Tel Aviv. No middlemen – just the finest diamonds, at the world’s most competitive direct prices.

From their base in Perth, Fiona and Josh travel together to source and hand-select each and every gemstone for their showroom; from the smallest diamond in a pave setting to high carat solitaires.

Housed in our state-of-the-art studio workshop, a world-class team of innovative designers and craftspeople are dedicated to ensuring that every piece bearing the Stefan name is of the most impeccable quality – from design to the diamonds and finally the craftsman – all working in exquisite harmony.

Designing and crafting exquisite diamond engagement rings is a Stefan hallmark. Our commitment to exceptional diamond quality, innovative design and craftsmanship perfection embraces every aspect of the experience, from the direct sourcing of gems, right through to after-sales care and service.