The Stefan Heritage

Generations of jewellery design and fine diamonds

Our love of fine design and diamonds feels eternal. It’s one that has been in the family for more than three generations and, just like the couples we meet, this love can’t be described by one instance, it’s a collection of moments that string together to tell our story.

 The heritage of Stefan’s is now held by Fiona Hoang and Joshua Reed.
The passion and astute eye for detail began long before.



Early inspirations

It was the era of the Nguyen Dynasty- the last monarchy in Vietnam- and as the French influence began to shape national culture and design, Vietnam was changing. The trees in the now famous botanical gardens were just sapling, the cosmopolitan moved inland from the fishing villages and the famous ao dai gown evolved to western shapes thanks to Le Mur.




Reflecting tastes

Growing up amongst these global design influences Mr Hoang opened his first Jewellery store in Saigon, Vietnam 1922. My-Dzung was filled with jewellery design that fused western influence with southeast Asian tradition. One of the earliest designs that put My-Dzung on the map went beyond jewellery — a gold bar and leaf embedded with the store name. In an era when the local currency was unstable, gold became the trusted commodity and My-Dzung was in hot demand.


Time design

While Fiona’s lineage built their jewellery reputation in Vietnam, Joshua's father began his jewellers apprenticeship in Melbourne with Rodds Silverware and Jewellers in St Kilda while studying watchmaking at RMIT at nights in an era when the timepiece was a statement that reflected a person's style and taste.




Moving shores

Joshua began working with his father at an early age as the Hoang family, moved from Vietnam to Australia opening My-Dzung in Perth. The store bought southeast Asian-inspired jewellery to local women who were pairing the pieces with androgenous pleats, wide legged trousers and belted coats.



Becoming Stefan’s

Having worked with her family and watched her family open their own landmark jewellery stores in Melbourne, Vietnam and America – Fiona started on her own. Fiona opened Stefan Diamonds in Perth CBD. This flagship store evolved to a more European influence and with more time spent in London, France and Belgium, Fiona's eye for design strengthened.




Diamond destination 

Fiona opened Stefan Diamonds stores in Hay St. Mall, Morley, and Fremantle, becoming known for large diamonds that produce a sparkle like no other. On the doorstep of the Y2K fashion movement, Fiona was defining Stefan’s signature look with timeless, statement pieces that didn’t ascribe to a particular trend but complemented personal style.




Stronger together

With Joshua moving to Perth a few years earlier the duo quickly discovered a shared love of  European-inspired design, perfect diamonds and the joy of sharing their passions with local customers. The pair continued to travel to Antwerp to source the finest diamonds available delivering them to an eager Perth market.



A reputation in bloom

The media began to pay more attention to Stefan's with the sale of a 9ct diamond a few days before Valentine's day. While today that size is a little more common, in 2009 it was an 87 year milestone. Described as an exceptional well-cut diamond with immense brilliance, fire and beauty, the ring was nothing short of spectacular.




Central focus

Fiona and Joshua decided to put all their focus and energy into one central Flagship showroom. The iconic Gledden building would become home to Perth's finest diamond and jewellery destination, home to exclusive events, philanthropic ventures and of course a multi-level display of stunning diamonds and jewellery.




Queen’s attention

With 90% of Stefan jewellery being designed by Fiona herself, Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Perth was an opportunity to show the monarch and the world her skilled eye. Fiona designed a tiara with over 650 white diamond set into 18ct white gold. The Tiara again put Fiona and Stefan on the map with national media and public attention.




Iconic Polo in The City

Stefan Diamonds have participated annually as one of the major sponsors of Polo in the City, Australia’s only national Polo series and the largest continuous Polo series in the world.


Philanthropic vision

Fiona and Joshua began their philanthropic ventures in the early 2000s with their commitment to Rafiki and continue to help many Charities that care for vulnerable children – Toy Bank and Brainchild are just a few. With the blessing of three healthy children, Fiona and Joshua are committed to helping families most in need.



Diamond masterclass

Fiona and Joshua launched Stefan's annual diamond Masterclass. This private dining experience gave eager guests a tutorial in choosing the perfect jewellery, how to wear, and maintaining the sparkle. The events are styled by Wayne Stubbs and always catered for by Perth's top Chef's including Leif Huru former Nobu, Chris Taylor, Giuseppe Pagliaricci just to name a few, this ongoing pioneering event is as much about thanking clients as it is about sharing knowledge.




The next chapter

As the next generation begin to take an interest in the family history of fine diamonds and jewellery design, the Stefan story is still being written.